Donating to Preserve Franklin County’s Heritage

The Franklin County Historical Society’s mission statement includes the phrase “to preserve the rich history of the area through the collection and maintenance of records and artifacts, through the encouragement of preservation and local historical research.”

This goal is evident in the work the Society has done over the last five years to convert 50+year-old paper records of artifact donations into a computerized system that attaches a photograph of each object, detailed information about its condition, and preserves the story connected to the artifact for future generations.  Besides this, the objects have been transferred to proper archival storage, which includes climate-controlled storage areas, acid-free boxes (for three dimension objects) and polyethylene covers (for photographs and paper objects).

All donations to this end are gratefully received and acknowledged.  For more information about making a donation, contact Diana Staresinic-Deane at (785) 242-1250.  FCHS can accept funds via Paypal.

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