Exhibit celebrates Women’s Suffrage in Kansas and Missouri

Several African American Women lobbying for the right to vote stand in a line.

Demanding a Greater Future: Celebrating a Centennial of Women’s Suffrage

Now through December 5
Old Depot Museum


“…because she is a progressive being ever out-growing the past and demanding a higher and greater future…” – Moneka Women’s Rights Association statement of purpose, 1858

Two women stand at a ballot box. The word vote is at the top of the image.
League of Women Voters Poster, 1920. Library of Congress.

Demanding a Greater Future:  Celebrating a Centennial of Women’s Suffrage marks the 100th anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment by exploring the efforts women in Missouri and Kansas undertook to secure voting rights.

Demanding a Greater Future examines the national struggle for women’s suffrage to provide a context for regional events, details the beginnings of the suffrage movement in the abolitionist and temperance causes, and explores the stories of suffragists’ efforts in Missouri and Kansas.  The exhibit concludes with a look at the continuing work of the League of Women Voters and the expanding role women hold in governance on a national scale in the 21st century.

This exhibit is made possible thanks to the Watkins Museum of History and Freedom’s Frontier National Heritage Area.

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