Boy Scout Workshops

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Cub Scout Tiger Scout Workshops

Visit the Old Depot Museum. The children will learn how this train station functioned for many years. Hands-on craft activities and a History Hunt make this an educational and fun workshop.

Webelos Workshops

What had to happen for Kansas to become a state? The scouts will learn about the turmoil that took place before Kansas was approved for statehood. They will also learn about the lives of actual children who lived on the frontier that is now Franklin County and grew up to become prominent citizens. Craft activities and a History Hunt will be included in this workshop.

Wolf-Arrow Point Trail Workshops

It’s a Secret
Learn about coded signals and explore the history of the Native Americans in the area. Create a Native American craft, decode a message, and go on a History Hunt.

Foot Power
What tools were used by our feet? Explore the museum to discover foot-powered objects. Create and try out your own foot-powered crafts, plus additional activities.

Native American Lore
Hear a story about Native Americans, create Native American crafts and go on a Native-Frontier History Hunt throughout the museum.

Bear Trail Workshops

What Makes America Special
Discover the Old Depot Museum history and learn about our home state, Kansas. Hear the story of real children that grew up on the frontier that is now the Franklin County area. Explore Dietrich Cabin, a frontier home that is now in Ottawa City Park (weather permitting). Make some crafts and explore the museum. This is a two-hour workshop.

Tall Tales
Hear some great tall tales that are part of Kansas history. Create some great crafts and explore the Old Depot Museum.

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